Week 6 Results

Week 6 Results

Absolutely delighted with these results taken on Sunday 16th October 2016. A tough week with 2 of the main tipsters I follow having put in a sustained run of poor results. One of the free tipsters I follow also moved to a paid-for service, and so no returns from his selections – I have since signed up to the paid service, so hopefully his recent form can continue and will be reflected in the main results. Yet, still a profit on the week and I remain ahead of the required run rate.

As for my own selections, there were 8 in total, producing an ROI of 43%. This makes up for a poorer prior week and keeps my long term ROI within the target 20-30% range. If you want to get on to any of my own tips, you can do so for free at either of the following sites. I currently post tips to both sites, but will ultimately pick just one (TipsterTube is the current front runner). Note that I have been using Blogabet for longer and so the statistics there a more representative of long term performance.




Week 6 Results

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