Week 9 Results

Week 9 Results

Wow, what a week – and not just the results!

So on Friday, my main betting account with Bet365 was restricted due to making too much profit. I knew that outcome was inevitable, although it’s a shameful practice that the Gambling Commission lets them get away with just offering services to losing or neutral customers – talk about unfair trading practices! I do have some strategies lined up to start using other companies to bet with, but had not quite got all these set up, so I think Week 10 is liable to be a little less successful until I can get this all into place.

Also on Friday, I was greeted with the news that my entire management tier was being scrapped and that I would not have a job after this week. Suddenly the importance of what I am trying to achieve and highlight through this blog was brought into sharp focus. As I’ve said before, £120k is a theoretical target which will be tough to achieve at the upper end. Even £20k, however, could be enough to generate average free cash flow enough to replace my £90k salary (after tax) AND still accumulate approx £2,000 per month into the growth of my betting account.

I’m using the time I now have available to write up a guide on the system I have created and utilize to achieve these results. Drop me your details on the contact page if you would like to receive a notification once this becomes available.


Week 9 Results – best week yet!

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